Tabitha Stead
just dive in.png

Just Dive In

This screen print was created for my Degree Shows Fundraiser. We chose the theme ‘future’ and had to come up with a design that we felt represented our interpretation of it.

 My screen print is a diver, going down into what appears to be a pool/black hole into space, with the text behind saying ‘Just dive in’. To me, this signifies the future as I see life as just diving into as many great opportunities as you can. It almost portrays my idea of the future where you have to be willing to be brave and not be afraid of taking leaps.

I chose to use a pastel pink with an electric blue over the top to create a contrast of the type being a clear and obvious statement. It also adds an unnatural element of how we travel into space and the future having such contrasting colours. With the diver almost jumping out vibrantly, it shows that she’s not afraid of anything.

just dive in.png
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